Getting Started

So you’ve decided to improve at Apex Legends or any FPS for that matter, and you’re wondering where to start.

Well look no further! As we have chosen four guides we highly recommend digesting first, not matter the experience or level you're currently at.

  1. Start with the guides

    Whether you’re completely new or you’ve decided to take things more seriously, our advice will always be the same… “Start with the guides”.

  2. Work through guides at your own pace

    Having organized four of our guides into an order you can work from chronologically. Our intention is to hopefully make this process slightly less daunting.

  3. As you progress through the written work, we truly hope your experiences will speak for themselves, your adversaries are nothing less than strong.

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    If you’re in need of some assistance feel free to join our Discord where additional help can be found. Along with others who are also learning Without further ado, the 4 guide’s we’ve picked out are as follows…



Avoid Unnecessary Damage

The first fundamental skill we build upon is the ability to Avoid Unnecessary Damage (AUD).

This is done by giving the knowledge on how and why one should seek to AUD. This gives the ability to stay alive for longer and is a trait you’ll see present in every competent player, regardless of playstyle.

The 4 Major Phases

We understand all players seeking to improve will seek our stronger players to watch in hopes to understand what makes one strong. This is why we highly recommend digesting the information in our guide on The Four Major Phases. Having the complexities of any scenario broken down into 4 simple phases allows all levels of players to have a strong foundation for making quick calculations in game or in review.


Damage Over Healing

This fundamental may be one of the most difficult ones to grasp as a beginner. However, we believe knowledge of this concept is very crucial to a player’s self growth, especially in their earlier stages of becoming a student of the game. Obtaining this knowledge through experience alone, is far more difficult than obtaining it through studying. This may be due to the immediate success one might find through succumbing to our natural urge to self preserve in our most vulnerable moments.




Teamwork Fundamentals

Often enough when we seek to improve, we seek to improve ourselves in a very individual focused manner. As a result it becomes easy to overlook the importance of teaching ourselves how to work within a team as an individual. The skill to simply look at our team members periodically often gets overshadowed by other traits such as speed or accuracy. Playing within a team is the key to success at all levels and should be trained as early as possible.


New Player Paralysis

Our New Player Paralysis article was inspired by the almost crippling experiences a new or inexperienced player may face, when first starting out with no prior first person shooter fundamentals to begin with. It is not too uncommon to play a whole season without fully grasping what it takes to be a competent contender. If you feel you’re experiencing something akin to the above, we highly recommend giving this article a read.



What this will hopefully do is increase one’s understanding of the differences between good and bad habits, encouraging one to cultivate strong fundamentals from the very start.

Our intention is to hopefully make this process slightly less daunting. Having organised four of our guides into an order you can work from chronologically. We highly recommend you work through these guides at your own pace. In the end you’ll be faced with one important question that is… “Did I truly understand all of this”. The goal is to obtain an enhanced perception in combat scenarios, how to handle oneself on the battlefield from a fundamental perspective, and to understand how the teachings in our resources are combined. leading to build a strong foundation after understanding the guides listed below.


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