The 4 Major Phases

The 4 Major Phases (In Order)

~ Understand the phases and learn how to identify them, I cannot stress this enough. ~

Below I have attempted to simplify a way of understanding the complexities of what goes on, in a match of Apex Legends. Please watch the videos as they complement this segment very well. The whole point of breaking down your endevours into phases, allows you easily pinpoint where these vital moments are. Thus giving you greater understanding on how to approach the situation.

Phase 01 : At Ease

This is simply when you’re holding a position, or moving without any signs of an immediate threat. In this phase you typically only need to be alert. How you react to things will determine how fast you move through the phases.

Pretty clear right...

Phase 02 : Imposition

To threaten or receive a threat from another party. Moments of rest and other somewhat relaxing forms of engagement will happen here. It is very possible for these phases to fluctuate in a back and forth manner. This one can be very ambiguous and subtle. Whether shots are being fired or not, it can be more of an imposition than a battle. Gaining a kill or knock in this phase is very lucky. Understanding the difference between Phase 02 & 03 is essential.

Phase 03 : Exchange / Battle

This is when more sincere attempts are made, to inflict damage and gain the advantage in some shape or form. This is where conserving your health will matter the most, as you may not get that divine “Moment of Rest” until the “Finale” is over. It is also very possible to obtain knocks and kills in this phase. Pay close attention to your teammates as it is very common for these phases to happen individually between members of your squad. This comes back to the “Missed Opportunities” topic. Understand the difference between Phase 03 & 04. The fight can feel so intense and personal yet still not be a Phase 04 situation. Focus on Avoiding Unnecessary Damage here the most!

A “Moment Of Rest” can happen during Phase 03. Nothing is stopping you from healing during a battle, just be aware that doing so may not be the best option for those who might be in a very intense Phase 03 or entering Phase 04. Damage Over Healing is often the preferred option.


more video examples:


Phase 04 : Finale / Death Match

This is when you force, or are forced to fight to the death. Your options will be significantly limited. Phase 03 is where you have the most opportunity, to gain the advantage leading to this moment. There is no need to enter Phase 04 in a hurry every time you see a team or even deal some significant damage. Try to have a plausable reason to do so.

w/Commentary (Subtle Example)

When you choose to rush in for a fight, you’re most likely skipping the Engagement/Battle Phase. Thus putting it all on the line, leaving no room for error. This will work in your favour, once you’re significantly ahead of your opponents in skill. Until then, assess the situation.


If you’re Soloing ranked, be aware that you will often not have the privilege of deciding what Phases your team will enter and when. It is more your job to understand what phases are taking place between whom and where. Playing fundamentally perfect will not guarantee you a good game, high kills or high damage. What it will guarantee is consistency and overall understanding. Which you can then use to further develop your own playstyle. There are simply too many variables in a game like Apex Legends, especially if you’re Solo Queuing.

Full Match

For more examples on this please watch the videos from this Playlist.

Note: If you haven't already read the first Apex Fundamentals guide, I highly recommend it as this guide was written after some key points covered there.